A Lonely and Wounded Life: Fikret Muallâ

“A Lonely and Wounded Life: Fikret Muallâ” Exhibition at Izmir Folkart Gallery In their first exhibition of 2020, Folkart Gallery hosts Fikret Muallâ, of his 55 unique and exempt pieces which follow the artistic movement, School of Paris, with Fahri Özdemir as the project director. The exhibition will introduce the artist’s personal belongings, letters and books, as well as institutional collections. Lasting from February 28 to May 17 2020, the exhibition also undercovers a publication of 400 pages. Regarded as the extraordinary brush within the artistic movement of "School of Paris" in the artistic history of Turkey, Fikret Muallâ will be on display for art-lovers, with the exhibition opening in the new year at Izmir Folkart Gallery. Being remembered with his bohemian and phenomenal life, artistically among figures like Avni Arbaş, Hakkı Anlı, Albert Bitran, Hale Asaf, Abidin Dino, Nejad Melih Devrim, Remzi Paşa, Mübin Orhon advocating the same “school of art”, Fikret Muallâ Saygı, will be displayed at the exhibition taking place between February 28 - May 17 2020 with his 55 distinctive artwork, all registered and certified. Everyday details of life in Paris, such as coffee shops, circuses and streets, make up most of the subject matters of Muallâ’s paintings. Portraying the people of the bohemian society that he also lived in, in his paintings; Muallâ has been more familiar with and faster using the gouache technique, he is also known for to be using oil paint as skillful as he used watercolor and gouache. According to academics and critics, the opinion that he does not follow the contemporary movements is dominant, due to the fact that he did not interfere with the theoretical concerns of painting.

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