The "Song for Independence" exhibition at Folkart Gallery

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The Legend of Çanakkale at Folkart

"Song for Independence" exhibition, featuring photographs from the Battle of Çanakkale, one of Turkish history's most crucial victories, opened at the Folkart Gallery on March 18. The gallery also hosted a noteworthy exhibition on the centennial of the Battle of Çanakkale, an event that left a mark on an era and was an integral part of one of the world’s bloodiest wars. On the 100th anniversary of the Victory of Çanakkale, the Folkart Gallery presented Izmir residents “Song for Independence” exhibition, composed of 100 never-before-published photographs from the epic Battle of Çanakkale that feature the triumphs of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the Turkish Army. Historical artifacts from the Gallipoli peninsula are also on display.

7,800 photographs  

““Song for Independence” exhibition's 100 photographs were selected from among the 7,800 in the Folkart Gallery Collection. The photographs have been collected as a result of a 35-year effort. Photos feature moments of battle from the Turkish and Allied Powers battle fronts, trenches, behind the trenches, soldiers' moments of rest, inspections, treatment and transfer of the injured, and daily life outside the war.  Also, historical artifacts exhibited along with the photos include weapons, binoculars, clothes, glasses, cutlery, and other accessories, as well as personal items used by soldiers on both sides of the conflict.


The symbolic significance of the Battle of Çanakkale is just as important as its historic implications, said Folkart Chairman Mesut Sancak. “The Battle of Çanakkale was the first step in the war of independence for the Turkish nation under the threat of domination by Western countries. Through victory, Turks proved to the world that they hold their independence dear and that victory is possible with bravery and faith, not just through unlimited resources,” he said.  In one month, more than 10,000 people visited the "Magic of Hands," the first Folkart Gallery exhibition, said Sancak, and he expressed his belief that Izmir residents will also be as eager to see the “Song for Independence” exhibition.  

On the way to Anatolia

"Song for Independence” exhibition, featuring 100 photos and articles from the Battle of Çanakkale, will be on display for Izmir residents at the Folkart Gallery between March 18 and May 31 before getting on the way to various Anatolian cities for a year.