Junior Painters at Folkart Gallery

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The names of the children who will spend their summer holiday at the Folkart Gallery painting class will be posted on the saplings at the Folkart Grove.

As part if the social responsibility project of Folkart Gallery, which brings a fresh breath of air to Izmir's art circles, a free painting class will be held for children from kindergarten to 4th grade. The class limit has been raised to 96 students from 80, a result of strong demand from parents. In their first week, junior painters learned to observe, recognize trees in nature, and use a tree's form and structure, material, and painting paper effectively. Meanwhile, work got underway for the Folkart Grove, set for development in Çeşme. Planned to be created on a 2.5-acer lot allocated by the Aegean Forest Foundation in Kadıovacık, Folkart Grove will hold 1,000 saplings. Each child participating in the class will have a tree named after him or her. Folkart Gallery will be at the service of arts in every aspect, said Folkart Chairman Mesut Sancak. He stated they increased the quota to 96 students, up from 80, as a result of the higher-than-expected interest. Sancak explained that Folkart Yapı strives to use environmentally friendly technologies in construction. "We want to raise environmental awareness by setting trees as the theme for the painting class for children, who are our future," he said. Izmir painter Hale Gökalpsezer explained it was a unique experience for the children to study painting at a place such as the Folkart Gallery. Nature- and tree-themed painting class will end on August 10.