October 18, 2019 - January 19, 2020

Exhibition Information

Unique meeting of pen and brush takes place at the Folkart Gallery in a special exhibition with master artists Selim İleri and Ali Kotan.

At Folkart Gallery


The Stormy prose adventure of Selim İleri, the master and leading figure of Turkish literature, was transformed into paintings with the brush of Ali Kotan, the master painter of Turkish painting. Ali Kotan's paintings were interpreted by the master writer Selim İleri with special short texts.

The exhibition, which the two great artists started to prepare three years ago for Folkart Gallery, inspired by each other's works, will meet with the people of Izmir on 18th October. The exhibition consists of’ the testimony of images and letters in favor of good and beautiful'.


Folkart Gallery is set to host a new, ambitious exhibition. Those reflected from prose adventure of Selim İleri, a writer, screenwriter and critic of Turkish literature, and the works of Ali Kotan, a master painter, inspired by İleri meet specially at Folkart Gallery.

One of the most valuable features of the exhibition is the common works created by Ali Kotan inspired by paintings of Selim İleri and works of Selim İleri inspired by the paintings of Ali Kotan in a mutual interaction;

As a Folkart Gallery production, the exhibition “night sirens”, which was started about 3 years ago by Project Director Fahri Özdemir, will feature depictions of Selim İleri and Ali Kotan in production from different disciplines of art. The exhibition ‘night sirens’ will be opened to visitors on 18 October 2019. The exhibition, which can be visited for free, is scheduled to remain open until January 19, 2020. The exhibition can be visited 6 days a week except Monday.

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