Black African Art


December 18, 2015 − February 14, 2016

Sergi Bilgisi

The Folkart Gallery is set to display for one last time the "Black African Art" exhibition before the pieces are placed in a museum. Hıfzı Topuz has been acquiring the 400-piece collection, made up of one-of-a-kind African masks, at auctions in France since 1961.

Last Exhibition

The 400-piece Hıfzı Topuz collection of one-of-a-kind African masks and sculptures has been donated to a municipal museum for permanent exhibition. Before going to the museum, the pieces will be exhibited for one last time for Izmir residents at the Folkart Gallery, Turkey's biggest art gallery. The exhibition will be open from December 18, 2015, to February 17, 2016.

About Hıfzı Topuz

He was born in Istanbul in 1923. He graduated from Galatasaray High School in 1942, and received his bachelor's degree from Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 1948. He received his master's degree in international law and journalism from the University of Strasbourg in 1957 and 1959, respectively; and his doctorate in journalism from the University of Strasbourg Faculty of Law in 1960. He worked as News Editor, and then, as Editor-in-Chief at the Akşam newspaper from 1947 to 1958. He was among the founders of the Istanbul Union of Journalists, and served as president. He managed the projects regarding vocational collaboration between international journalism organizations, journalistic ethics, journalism training, and protection of journalists. He held journalism training seminars in African countries, India, and the Philippines. Developed the rural press project in Black Africa. Put together the first projects for the foundation in 1962 of the Ankara University, Faculty of Communication, or the School of Press and Broadcasting as it was known at the time, at the Paris Unesco Headquarters. Between 1974 and 1975, served as the TRT Vice President in charge of Radio Broadcasts. In 1986, founded the Communication Research Association (ILAD), and still serves as its honorary president. Wrote columns and reviews in Vatan, Milliyet and Cumhuriyet newspapers, as well as in a variety of magazines. Gave lectures on the press, history of radio and television, international communications, and political communication at the Faculties of Communication at the Anadolu, Galatasaray and Istanbul universities.