The Bohemian and Rebellious Brush of Turkish Art: Fikret Mualla

“(...) Art is human-made. I wish that human citizens like art. That work is not done through money or so. I can give a painting to a person who would offer me a soup. The society or - ders the inspiration, and the artist creates… Do not assume that there is a close friendship between the God and the artist. No… Never a day have I experienced that the angels came and whispered something in my ears, yet I’ve always remembered what the old doorman of the hostel I stayed when I was studying in Paris –it was as miserable as the most miser - able hotels in Sirkeci– told me several times: ‘Make a small painting for me, and stay here for free for a year!’” (Fikret Mualla)

Fikret Mualla
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